Hybrid CD


Hybrid CD

Hybrid CDs are pretty much a more sophisticated type of CDs. Hybrid CDs can have different types of data stored on them.

The cool features of Hybrid CDs

Do you know what the coolest features of hybrid CDs are?

  • The hybrid CD has a few file systems so you can use it for different operating systems. This means you can use the Same Hybrid CD for Windows and Mac!
  • Hybrid CDs also have additional security options. This means your data has its own, personal body guard.
  • If you want to use the Hybrid CD for audio files you can add data tracks to it (like the band's name, the CD title, album cover, and whatever other data you need)

Hybrid CD- How does it support multiple file systems?

Before Hybrid CDs were around, CDs which stored files for Windows and Mac had the different system files stored twice - A set of files for each operating systems. This means that a lot of valuable disc space was wasted on duplicated data, and the possibility for duplication errors and missing files was high.

Since the Hybrid cd is a CD-ROM that has multiple file systems, the hybrid CD can be used on different operating systems without having to duplicate the files thanks to the multiple files systems which can work on both Apple Macintosh and Microsoft Windows based operating systems.

Usually, the newer versions of Hybrid CDs have ISO 9660 (Windows) as well as HFS+ (Apple) file systems installed on them.

The different file systems on hybrid CDs comply with the different demands of Operating systems:

  • ISO 9660 lacks structures and features that HFS and HFS+ have in their file systems
  • ISO 9660 also does not support resource forks which is critical to MAC OS based software design

The hybrid CD has an ISO 9660 primary volume descriptor and an Apple partition - this is how it can work on Windows as well as Mac. The hybrid sometimes has an Apple partition map built in. The ISO 9660 portion of the Hybrid CD can co-exist with an Apple partition thank to different locations of the header areas which define the content.

Using Hybrid CDs to support both Mac and Windows operating systems

Since Hybrid CDs have multiple file systems that need to access different files, it is easier to manage if you create a frontend menu for the Hybrid CD and take CDMenuPro for the Windows partition. You can find out how easily it's done on http://www.cdmenupro.com

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